One of the most valuable aspects of participating in Alliance Northwest is the opportunity to build relationships with potential partners, buyers and sellers in the federal marketplace. This unique opportunity is a popular attraction of the Alliance Northwest event therefore advanced registration is required.  

Registered participants have the opportunity to meet with Agency representatives and prime contractors for 8* minute meetings. 

*Meetings are scheduled for 10 minutes but assume 2 minutes to move between meetings.

Meetings are held on the Swapcard platform through video calls. Text chats are also available. Participants are able to share marketing material or other documents by dropping them in the chat with individuals or booths.

All participants must be registered.

Matchmaking will take place at Alliance Northwest via the Swapcard virtual event platform from 10am – 3pm PST on March 10th.  

(meeting scheduling opens 2/28/22)

  • Register for Alliance Northwest
  • Follow your registration link from
  • Fill out your Profile! The more complete your profile the better matches. On the virtual platform, participants are able to filter participants according to industry sector, interests or needs, business size, certifications and more.
  • Start researching Agencies and Primes
  • Scheduling for Matchmaking meetings will be open starting February 28th on Swapcard,
    • participants will request and accept meeting slots.
    • It is encouraged to include a brief description about your company, product or services in the request to start the conversation.
  • Matchmaking Meetings are held on March 10th
  • If your request has not been accepted – be patient, while the access to the platform is 24/7, participants may not spend a lot of time on the event until the day of.
  • If your request has been denied,
    • The other party may have a schedule conflict, such as speaking in a session, request a different timeslot or connect with someone else from their organization/ agency
    • The other party may not buy what you sell, do a bit more research or reach out to your PTAC for support.
  • Develop a strong Capability Statement
  • Research who you are interested in meeting
  • Prepare a few questions to ask

Washington PTAC provides no-cost advising on how to succeed at your matchmaking meetings. Let your PTAC counselor help you prepare!  


With the virtual event, meetings can be held between any attendees. 
We are actively working with large prime contractors and agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to confirm their ability. 
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